Your pet’s home away from home


We provide boarding to pets of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Day boarding services are provided for those with dogs and cats that may be shy, older, or simply don’t enjoy spending the day at home alone. Day boarding is a non-overnight stay in a classic kennel or luxurious suite.

From classic kennels to luxury suites, we can accommodate all of your precious pet’s boarding needs. Our qualified kennel staff will make sure that all of our boarding guests get lots of tender, loving care so that you can have peace of mind while you’re away. All of our boarding guests enjoy our climate-controlled facility, fresh bedding, and meals consisting of Hill’s Science Diet sensitive stomach food.

Dog Boarding
Indoor Runs

We offer comfortable runs and cages for dogs of any size. Dogs are exercised in our fenced yard twice daily and fed per your request. We provide food and water bowls, as well as blankets and towels! If you feel your pet would feel more comfortable, you can bring their own toys, bedding, and food. At an additional cost, extra walks can be provided for your pet(s).

Dimensions: (7 ft X 3 ft X 5 ft)

Rate: $30.00 per night

Luxury Suites

Our spacious suites offer your pet plenty of room to relax in. Hospital and kennel suites are available. Each suite has a glass door and a window so your pet can enjoy the natural sunlight. Complimentary extra walks are also offered for guests boarding in our suites.

Rate: $46.00 per night

*Each additional pet is $23.00 per night.

Cat Boarding
The Cat Palace

Upstairs in our large, spacious Cat Palace, your feline family members can relax in peace with little to no noise. Each pet has their own enclosure with a litter box, food, water, and a cozy blanket. Your cat can be let out to roam the room a few times a day if you wish. Pets are not let out at the same time to prevent any altercations. Their litter boxes are cleaned twice daily, and cats get fresh food and water throughout the day. If your fancy feline prefers their own belongings, we are more than happy to provide that for them at your request. We provide a great area for our special feline friends to relax while you are out of town!

Rate: $26.00 per night